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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2010 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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into the country. it's the invasion by means of. tradition
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language. this is the first to go beat the beat. and culture. the thing is the habitants are still unaware of what's going on in their mind the stuff of the last ten minutes. i don't know if he was last. on archie's. a terror raid repelled a group of militants linked to al qaida has stalled the parliament building in russia's republic of chechnya all killed in a prompt security operation. speaking recently agreeing continentally and uniting globally russian french and german leaders meet in the french resort of ill to talk about terra visas and security.
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statistics pools to refute striving education system as many incompetent drivers bribe their way into the roads and also to silence. them as russian agent and a chaplain hits the pages of a men's magazine and as the next edition of maxim describes inspire us the country's many more than its national football team and state of the. around the clock around the world this is r.t. here in moscow a group of militants who broke into the parliament of russia's republic of chechnya have all been killed in a shootout with special forces at least three other people died and seventeen were injured as the gunman stormed into the building in the capital grozny more details
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now from our correspondent. we are in front of the parliament that has been attacked by the militants earlier today investigators are still working on the scene what we do know is that four militants drove into the parliament spark in so they followed the car of one of the parliament members the militants are who are believed to have links to al qaeda opened fire killed a security guard. broke into the building and later on they were blocked in this building are a several security guards who were killed on the tour of the head of the chechen republic says that the operation to counter terrorist operation was short and successful all the militants were killed some of them are believed to be suicide or murders and their bodies are yet to be identified seventeen people have been injured during this attack six of them are police officers and eleven civilians should not believe the russian interior minister who has been in chechnya at the moment overtax says that the operation was successful and this is how he commented
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on the situation you're going to go today at eight forty five am militants made it attempt to get into the parliament building as usual their plans failed police stopped the militants were killed. there have been conflicting reports about their attack in crossly earlier this day like there was information bed one of the militants escaped to casa just but this was later on denied by the interior ministry they have also been reports that these children have been wind which is not true and they have been speculations then one of the members of the palm and was injured during their tax and we haven't received any confirmation so far are these militants are also believed to be connected to the group that attacked the whole village of rooms on credit of the church and president earlier this fall right now investigators are working on the scene this accuser to measures in grozny and throughout all of the borders with other republics have been tightened there's
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been a number of successful security operations in southern russia recently which have revealed how militants there have links to al qaida. in overkill but no reports on the impact international terrorism has on russia. kitchen interior ministry blames that south on for same got caught who recently left the group of terrorists headed by doku umarov a double one of his number one on the list of people wanted by the russian security services and the country's authorities as he's the one with duke's their sponsibility for the deadly blast that took place in moskos met show in march this year that one two female suicide bombers exploded themselves at two separate central moscow metro stations killing forty people and leaving and the other eighty eight injured and dooku lot of was named an international terrorists that has blamed with al qaida by the u.s. authorities recently and a lot of the terror attacks that have taken place in the washer recently were
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associated with international terror groups as investigations into them have shown and experts saying that says terrorists across from different countries are in sites cooperation across the world what is happening in russia particularly in northern caucasus what is happening in europe because we know that it was a red collar threat a few weeks ago there well that makes us think that this is sort of terrorist funded media in the world again and one where those things are international whether this is national i think though that is a global war both of them are already just several months after the terror attacks in moscow's met show another explosion took place in the city to be divorced when a car that was parked on one of the streets over the city exploded injuring thirty people luckily no one died in that one but in the other major attack took place just a month after that in the siege of politico fast when a suicide bomber drove
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a car into the city's central markets killing nineteen people and leaving another two hundred injured also russian security forces recently arrested by that. could be just outside moscow was spreading extremist literature among people and he's the head of international terror group that is based in turkey but. he was operating in the moscow region so that gives you a scale of the presence of international terror groups in russia still to come here and divided over a pledge of allegiance. this country defines itself a situation and democratic state but if you ask just about any arabs here they'll tell you it's heavy on the jewish and rather light on the democratic. court on a recently adopted loyalty oath bill is straining on easy israeli palestinian relations even further also the. potential drivers are supposed to go to
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a driving school and pass a test on a course like this one that we're on right now as well as study the different tactics of driving from a written test but that's not exactly how it happens in most cases around moscow russia is renowned for its bad roads and reckless motorists you can find out how driving licenses come at a cost quite literally. the first russia's president dmitry medvedev will attend the nato summit next month in lisbon welcomed as a major move towards closer ties with the e.u. the announcement came during talks between the russian french and german leaders in the french resort to deal with. is the following the meetings. yes to nato russian president dmitry medvedev showed relations between his country and the european union are on the mend by agreeing to attend the nato summit in lisbon next month speaking at a joint press conference with angela merkel and nicolas sarkozy the russian leader
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spoke of a growing need for greater structure of european security and it seems he's finally being heard. we're happy dmitry medvedev will be taking part in the russian nato summit in lisbon that's because nato has a new strategic concept is aimed at corporation with other countries including russia i think russia has confirmed that we have to fight against terrorism and nuclear weapons and i think we should tackle these issues together and not be enemies anymore. the summit in the french seaside town of divvied appears to have bridged more than a few gaps the french german or russian leaders found common ground on creating a new monetary system and maintaining dialogue with iran. but we have confirmed that we will follow the agreements that were reached earlier on one hand we should stick to the sanctions were imposed on the other hand we should prompt iran to cooperate on all issues. even previously sensitive areas became get another point
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of contact like the georgian military aggression in south ossetia in two thousand and eight. we have to continue diplomatic efforts with the georgian authorities have to commit snorts using fools and our russian friends in return have to accept european observers many are viewing this as a turning point of sorts in what has only recently been a difficult relationship. or european. european security can be established and build up with russia. confirmation of. given to russia and. the fact that they will meet again in just a month almost in tribute to the new direction of their relationship. the french region where the summit was held this famous not only for its wine and cheese but
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also for its apples apple pie apple cider. all those things are made here in normandy and it seems to be the perfect backdrop for russia and the european union to put away their apple of discord and enjoy a much more fruitful relationship. catherine as our r.t. friends. want to talk more about european security and nato his dealings with russia we are joined now by john stephens he's a. i'm a conservative m.e.p. now in london thanks very much indeed for joining us now today's announcement for the u.k. need to cut military spending follows a similar move from france and germany and raises concerns in the u.s. about the impact that could have on nato should washington be worried. no i don't think so i think the americans understand the budget position as well as anyone and they've got their own constraints in that regard i think the real significance of
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these defense proposals from a british point of view is actually something which is not strictly part of the defense review which is the agreement in principle which we expect them to be confirmed at the forthcoming anglo-french summit at the beginning of next month for the british to have nuclear warheads tested in conjunction with france and that is a very significant break from the tradition which britain has always had with the special relationship with the united states that in strategic nuclear weapons our relationship is with the americans and not with europe well surely that went along with as you just said the u.k. cooperating with france on that issue and then we've just seen the summit where we have germany and france cooperating some saying in some ways they could be forming a new alliance and perhaps actually we're seeing now european countries distinction in themselves from the u.s. is that a fair comment. i don't think it's distancing i think what is happening is that the
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budget realities above all but also the changing strategic context is leading to a much more equal relationship in nato but tween an american pillar on the one hand and a developing european pillar on the other obviously there's a still got a long way to go but the time when nato was essential an american operation in which everybody else was a satellite i think is now over i think that's no longer financially sustainable for the americans and so what we're seeing i think in with the british move towards from its in the nuclear. discussions between the french and the germans with the other initiatives in european defense to build a serious european pillars so that what nato is is a partnership of equals between europe and america yes well that there's one country of course that wants to be part of all that and that's russia let's just
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talk about the relationship between russia nato and the u.s. the french and german leaders just as we've heard have welcomed the decision that moscow should attend this russia nato summit in lisbon and well really is the alliance that interested in cooperating with russia. oh yes i think so i mean the more europe here becomes the more favorably disposed it will be towards europe in the phones because certainly the french and the germans and the british to increasingly recognize that there is such a thing as eurasia there is a europe here and russian defense. sense the time where we had a rather old western in the old east is over we have a new way in which russia is very much a part facing a new east if you like which is the rise of asia the rise of china is short but are we really seeing that we know that a big stumbling block between the two is the anti-missile defense system in eastern
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europe and now we know that moscow is actually now considering and actually taking part in some sort of missile defense system what do you think there will really persuade russia to cooperate with all this because after all this has been a really tense area in terms of relations. well things of common descent always since the cold war and i do think that the more europe here. later becomes the more stronger european pillow in nato is the more open it is going to be towards russia i think that particularly in germany and also in france but but also i think in britain there is a recognition that defense of europe with. russian participation is meaningless so you're saying the challenges that face from from from the far east in particular from the rise of asia economically geo strategically is the immense and russia has to be part of that before we start considering the middle east and think all right you're saying that russia has to be part of this now of course dmitri medvedev is
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proposing a new european security system do you think the rest of europe will really understand the needs for that and should understand for years those. oh definitely i think i mean that's what emerged. the subtext of the french agreement on nuclear weapons which could lead to a to a serious shared your appeared to terror but where does that put the where does that put nato just finally doesn't that put nato's future in doubt then if you have some sort of new european security structure. well. no i don't think so not necessarily i mean that precisely what structures you are not within. one can speculate about but the the crucial thing i think is that there is a merging an idea of a new way to be nato was defined as. russia and the warsaw pact proceed as the east i think there is now in a sense because of the rise of asia or there is a new way which includes russia. and because the challenges
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that we face the shared interests that we have russia europe and the united states when faced with the prospect of the enormous shift of the wards the far east towards asia towards china towards india. that has really changed the world and it is it is reacting to that but i think it has led to a much more positive attitude toward particularly the your appearance of russia but also i think the americans are not to be excluded from really interesting here we have to say thank you very much indeed for your time john stephens former conservative not joining us live in london we appreciate time thank you. a lot for some perspective israeli citizens who are non jews to pledge allegiance to a jewish state has unleashed a storm of anger among arabs the original version issued last week required only israeli arabs to swear allegiance despite the israeli government now extending the
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oath to jews arabs still refuse to swear loyalty to a state that has persecuted them as artie's put asleep in their reports. this photograph is all that remains from some near why these family home the house survived for generations but it couldn't survive an israeli demolition two years ago in the middle of the coalition i started to have problems with the circulars ten years ago they wanted to take all of my land they took one house and then they wanted to take this house since then he started rebuilding. things god the supreme courts discovered their big documents and they changed the name of my grandfather on the paper but the discovery didn't help him hang on to most of his grandfather's learned a family of israeli settlers now on his own property insists it is his and his story only one of many. in the two hours we spend here therefore
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a wrist and the usual round of tear gas rubber bullets and blame and because the union shouldn't complain about anything they should say thank you thank you that we are still here. and they'll be saying a lot more than that if the country's foreign minister avigdor lieberman gets his way he wants all one million arab israeli citizens to pledge loyalty to the jewish state the arab world if they want us to give concessions for peace if they want us to give some sacrifices for peace they should start looking at the us is legitimate. state so lieberman has his supporters but he's also got his detractors arabs and many israeli jews are up in arms this country defines itself as a jewish and democratic state but if you ask just about any arab here they'll tell you it's heavy on the jewish and rather light on the democratic. angry
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demonstrators take to the streets claiming the next step transferring arab israelis to a palestinian state but the government is doing its best to accommodate lieberman's demands and recently approved a loyalty bill by a twenty two eight majority. the government under american pressure to freeze settlement building and needs lieberman support but arab citizens like you why the one never given. that argument i'm a muslim and i'm not allowed to swear in the world you two are. in the first word today. and as jerusalem announces preliminary plans for two hundred thirty eight new secure homes scenes like this are much more likely than arabs pledging allegiance to an israel that keeps them under the. policy r t tel aviv. getting behind the wheel in russia means you could be taking your life into your hands each year around twenty five thousand
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people are killed on the roads in a country renowned for drivers with a distinct disregard for safety but getting a license in russia doesn't necessarily guarantee driving skills it may just mean the right person is being paid off as artie's found out. welcome to russia where the roads are notoriously bad driver safety seemingly optional end of the traffic notorious. with very busy traffic in poorly organized as in which requires improvements interchanges have been made in efficiently having traffic lights have to be working properly road signs are located in such a way that drivers often can see them using all this results in numerous accidents . in two thousand and nine alone there were nearly two hundred four thousand car accidents the human cost was twenty six thousand deaths and more than a quarter of million people seriously injured the international transportation formalists russia and having the most traffic deaths per capita in the world many
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believe corruption and general lack of knowledge are to blame. do you know the traffic signs. i do what does this one mean. i don't know really i don't know oh isn't this amazing temple drivers are supposed to go to a driving school and pass a test on a close course like this one that we are on right now as well as study the different tactics of driving from a written test but that's not exactly how it happens in most cases around moscow. probably there are two problems with fake driving licenses the first is that criminal groups issue fake licenses of such a high quality that only a specialist can see it's fake so people buy a fake license and think it's real but the other problem is bribes and driving schools to pass driving tests this girl wishes to remain anonymous but for the purposes of television we will call her like many russian drivers she's purchased her license illegally so how much did it cost her that well the actual amount is
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eight hundred dollars but there was that money i think should be thrown in driving school i was supposed to attend classes and so on but i was living in st petersburg at the time so i could. shop at the school. but as country learned learning how to drive properly isn't as essential as having the proper pay off time with my father later the officials would back me only for money and that is why there was no need for me to update my license in the traditional way it's easier to buy it he took me to some distant metro station in moscow suburb they are they invited me to a room issued my driving license to me and took my photograph i was so ashamed i said i am sorry i will really learn how to drive the answer it doesn't matter to us . and now even cardio thinks she may be a threat on the road. as i have a feeling that i am a threat to pedestrians a few days ago i feel to see a bicycle rider in the dark i think that can serve as just occasion prompting many
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to call for a complete overhaul of russia's driver's education system that the system won't like it's not enough to fire a bribe to it's necessary to change the entire system as long as there is demand there will be supply we need real changes at the high level in the interior ministry we can probably even at the state management level hopefully making russia's roads a safer place to be sean thomas moscow. the glamorous russian agent and a chapman is in the headlines again since her arrest in the u.s. in july the alleged spy has been repeatedly appearing in the news and this time she took part in an erotic photo shoot for a moscow based men's magazine. paid a visit to the publications headquarters. controversial and now world famous female spy also known as the russian james bond girl is in the headlines once again but now the redhead is hitting the pages of the most popular men's magazines in the country earlier i was joined by the director of the monks team russia magazine. and
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here's what he told us. we made in the. it was a regular makes him shoot we would normally put ladies and. it was always a successful recipe. very. very very beautiful. of course but she's also very open minded and i would say very western minded person. surprisingly enough she's not just a fragile. body she's quite a personality pretty sure that she's strong enough to succeed in any any any way she will she will choose in the future lose a lot of controversial controversial ideas sure in the west media but i do believe that in russia she she did more for exciting patriotism and. russian males than the cheap. blue of our work at come but you know she's really
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a national hero she's a beautiful gorgeous sexy russian here and i'm sure that if she decides to go to politics they will be a lot of followers who will vote for him no she's only a russian celebrity she's a worldwide celebrity she's more than that she's like a breath she's. up to date business is next with charlotte. hello welcome to the business program here on r t with me vali russian railways plans to raise about five billion dollars by selling subsidiaries and else that's over the next two years the program for this year includes selling thirty five percent of trans continental and ten percent of trans credit bank to raise six hundred million dollars ways wage additional six hundred million this year by
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selling sixty three thousand carriages and by leasing other assets in total the company plans to sell stock in forty eight subsidiaries by two thousand and twelve . the russian government has a fifty billion dollar reason to improve the country's investment climate it has an extensive program of privatizations it wants to get the markets to see night i'm a bit of a reports it's a plan that needs the help of foreign capital. hundred billion dollars has flowed into the russian economy as foreign investment but it could have been more if not for administrative barriers about access to infrastructure and labor difficulties in the regions it's inadequate training of the workforce number two its difficulties for accessing financing number three its high levels of corruption and number for unfair competition from the grey market the prime minister to nude of the criticism and assured their semblant investors and business people he understood their problems however he was keen to point out the progress that had
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been made the red tape that had been slashed the fight against corruption and the opening up of the russian market reforms would continue he said pledging that foreign investors could count on getting the same treatment from the officers of state as domestic companies which is in your position we do make a distinction between russian and foreign business when it comes to protecting the rights of investors it's important for us to create comfortable conditions for those who want to make investments in russia to develop their business to promote their goods and services. the russian government has a strong incentive to quickly improve investor sentiment it has an extensive program of privatization to get away with this many as twenty of the country's biggest state run companies marked for possible sale the finance ministry wants to raise around fifty billion dollars from the assets over the next five years to help cover the budget deficit it's an ambition that will be hard to achieve.


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